Sam (changd4thebetr) wrote in musicaltheatre,

Male Female duets

My friend and I are at a loss of finding a really good male female duet for our final scene in a few weeks.

We are looking for something that is rather extremely physically demanding, vocally demanding. It can be either Very Hilarious, Very Dramatic, or Very Sexy. I know right, so specific..... haha

okay and I know what I'm going to get a lot of, so I'm already going to say no to these suggestions:

"As Long As You're Mine" - WICKED
"Without You" or "Light my Candle" - RENT
"The Next Ten Minutes" - Last 5 Years
"I'd Give it All for you" - Songs for a New World
"All the Wasted Time" - Parade

It's for our final grade, we would really appreciate the help.

Thanks, Sam
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